Complaint Resolution

At Allstate, we stand by our Good Hands® service and are committed to resolving customer complaints quickly and fairly. If you have a concern, we want to hear from you.

Claims-Related Issues
If you have a claims-related concern or complaint, first speak with your claims representative, and then the Claim Representative’s manager if the issue has not been resolved.

If you are still not satisfied, further claims-related complaints should be directed to the Claims Ombudsman. The Ombudsman will respond to phone, fax or written complaints made to:

  • Phone: 905-475-4908 or Toll Free: 1-800-361-1073
  • Fax: 905-475-4936
  • By mail:
    Claims Ombudsman
    27 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100
    Markham, ON L3R 5P8

For Non Claims-Related Issues
Please follow the following process to receive prompt attention.

Step 1: Speak with an agent at your local agency if you have any questions about your policy, coverage or rates. For contact information: Find an Agency

Step 2:If you are not satisfied with the resolution or service offered by the agent, please contact the Agency Manager.

Step 3: If the matter is still unresolved, please contact the Office of the Ombudsman in writing at

Or you may also contact us through postal mail at:
Office of the Ombudsman
27 Allstate Parkway, Suite 100
Markham Ontario, L3R 5P8  

After submitting your complaint, you can contact an Ombudsman toll free by calling
1-877-7-CONSUMER (1-877-726-6786).
If you wish to speak with us in French, call 1-866-348-5598.

Ombudsman Complaint Examination Process

An Ombudsman for Allstate Insurance Company of Canada will handle your complaint in a fair and impartial manner.

  • Upon receipt of your written complaint, a file will be opened. This file will be logged and categorized based on the nature of your complaint.
  • Your complaint is acknowledged in writing within five business days.
  • Based on the category of your complaint, the appropriate employees of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada may be called upon to review and assess your file.
  • An Ombudsman for Allstate Insurance Company of Canada will issue a formal response to your complaint within 30 days.

External Resources

If at the end of our Complaint Resolution Process your concern remains unresolved, you have the right to seek external assistance.

Residents outside of Quebec
If you are not a resident of Quebec, you can contact the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO), an independent dispute resolution service. You can contact the GIO toll free at 1.877.225.0446 or by visiting their website at

Quebec residents
If you are a resident of Quebec, you may request to have your file transferred to the Autorité des Marchés financiers at 1.877.525.0337 or visit

Please note that you must first follow the steps above before these organizations will agree to mediate.