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Where’s the safest place to drive in Canada? Find out in the 10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study

Ten-year highlights: Hanmer, Ontario is the safest city and December 23 is the worst day to drive

New Allstate Takes Action contest will work with communities in 2019 to implement safety solutions

Markham, December 12, 2018 - After 10 years of releasing collision data information to help raise awareness of road safety issues, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada wants to help make communities even safer by asking Canadians to submit their suggestions on what could be changed or enhanced to improve safety in their community. Allstate Canada will implement one of the improvement ideas submitted to Allstate Takes Action in 2019. It may implement even more!

Allstate Canada has been sharing collision data with Canadians since 2008 through its annual Safe Driving Study, ranking the safest cities for driving and identifying emerging trends seen on the road. The company has launched this contest to help drive change in Canadian communities further.

Hanmer, Ontario has been identified as the safest community of the decade in this year’s Safe Driving Study, claiming the top spot with an average collision frequency rate of 3.8 per cent. To celebrate the community’s continued attention to safe driving, Allstate Canada will visit the residents of Hanmer to hand out winter driving essentials to households as we head into the winter season.

“Sharing this data over the years gives us the opportunity to ignite conversation about the importance of safe driving,” says David MacInnis, PhD, Vice President, Product Operations at Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “We want to continue protecting drivers on the road, by helping prevent collisions through the promotion of best practices and safety in communities across the country. Our new contest, Allstate Take Action, allows us to hear directly from Canadians about the kinds of things that would help make their communities safer.”

Call for Submissions:

Starting today, Canadians will be able to submit ideas for improvements they would like to see addressed in their communities to Allstate Takes Action at blog.allstate.ca/AllstateTakesActionContest/. Allstate Canada will work directly with the winning community in 2019 to implement its solution. Those who submit an idea to the contest, will also be entered into a draw to win one of three $1,000 gas gift cards.

See here for full contest details.

Key 10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study highlights:

● Freaky Friday? Friday has been the worst day for driving across the country for the entire decade, continuously recording the highest number of collisions over other days of the week
● Are people following too closely? Or is the rise of distracted driving to blame? The most frequent collisions reported over the past 10 years are vehicles being rear-ended, followed by crashes involving turning and intersection, then parked vehicle fender-benders
● Hanmer, ON has the best average collision frequency over the past 10 years (3.8 per cent)
● North York, ON has the worst average collision frequency over the past 10 years (7.1 per cent)
● December to February are the worst months to drive during the year, with the highest frequency of collisions reported
● Sunday is the safest day to drive with the fewest number of collisions reported
● The days leading up to Christmas have historically been the worst days to drive, with December 23rd consistently seeing the most collisions
● Christmas Day continues to be the safest day to on the road, with the least number of collisions reported
● The most severe auto-related incidents reported over the past 10 years involve head-on collisions and those involving pedestrian or cyclists

For safe driving tips, visit the GOOD HANDS® blog at goodhandsadvice.ca.

You can view more detailed results, as well as our safest city ranking by community and region.

This infographic illustrates key findings from the 10th Annual Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study.

About the Study:

Allstate Canada conducted an in-depth analysis of company collision claims data to determine the safest communities in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario based on the frequency of collisions. This year’s study spans a 10-year period beginning July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2018. Collision frequency refers to a percentage of vehicles insured by Allstate Canada involved in a collision that resulted in a claim.

To ensure the data provides a realistic outlook for what is happening on roadways, only communities with at least 1,000 cars insured by Allstate Canada during each rolling year period were included in the study. The Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study began in Ontario in 2007 and has since expanded to include communities in Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. For this study, a total of 64 communities were included.

Claims data was limited to collisions for which there was a payout. Claims for incidents such as break-ins or vandalism were not included in this analysis. City ranking is done based on frequency of collisions, not the severity of collisions. Collision data can be traced back to the registered car address. The study does not include personally identifying information of Allstate customers.

About Allstate Insurance Company of Canada:

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is a leading home and automobile insurer focused on providing our valued customers prevention and protection products and services for every stage of life. Serving Canadians since 1953, Allstate strives to keep our customers and employees in "Good Hands®". We are proud to have been named a Best Employer in Canada for seven consecutive years. Allstate is committed to making a positive difference in the communities in which it we operates and has partnered with organizations such as MADD Canada, United Way and Junior Achievement. To learn more, visit allstate.ca. For safety tips and advice, visit goodhandsadvice.ca.


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