Welcome to Allstate’s Thunder Bay agency!

Thunder Bay Staff

Welcome to Allstate’s Thunder Bay agency!

Allstate’s Thunder Bay agency has proudly served the insurance needs of local residents for many years. We offer a family-friendly environment with a team of experienced agents who understand this community and many of our agents are proud to call it home. As a three-time recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award   for favorite insurance company, you can rest assured that you’ll have the people and coverage you can count on. We take the time to get to know you and your family’s needs so you receive the best coverage, value and personal attention.

The Allstate Difference:

  • Expertise and personal service through our team of trusted advisors
  • Discounts to help you save (multi-vehicle discount; combined home and auto discount; homes with monitored security systems)
  • Claim Forgiveness (your rates won’t go up because of a claim)*
  • A claims team you can count on day or night to take care of your claim simply and efficiently.


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1186 Memorial Avenue, Unit 2A
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Tony Bossio
Agency Manager
Ext. 5001

Tamara Buchanan

Ext. 5010

Ivan Levesque

Ext. 5015

Dan Kainula

Ext. 5017

Randy Tsubouchi

Ext. 5019


Tammy D’Amours

Ext. 5014


Allen Ukrainec

 Ext. 5013

Deidra Ferguson
Agency Asst.
Ext. 5002

Katherine Urbanski

Ext. 5054

Andria Gratton

Ext. 5055

Kristen Young

Ext. 5051

Nazare Lehtinen

 Ext. 5053

Marienne Anderson

Ext. 5050

Debbie Laing

 Ext. 5052



Terms and conditions apply. Coverage, perils, discounts and availability may vary by region. Rates and discounts subject to change. *Rates will not be increased or surcharged if insured submits no more than one claim every five years. ** Average multi-product discount savings is calculated using Allstate’s base rates. Your savings may vary. This contains information about coverage and discounts offered by Allstate but does not list all of the conditions and exclusions which apply to the coverage and discounts described. The wording of the actual policy and local law will govern. Trademark owned by Allstate Insurance Company used under license by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.