There are so many options when it comes to home and auto insurance. Deductibles, coverages, endorsements — what do they all mean? Unless you take the time to review your coverage line by line, you might fall prey to some common insurance myths. Allstate is here to help you separate fact from fiction.


I’ll automatically receive a replacement vehicle if my car is being repaired as a result of a claim.

You’ve had a fender bender, your nerves are frayed and on top of that, you just found out it will take one week to repair your car. You need wheels to go to work and take the kids to school. What a nuisance! But before you go out and rent a car, don’t assume that you’ll be covered for alternative transportation. You’ll only be covered for the cost of a rental while your car is being repaired if you’ve added Loss of Use coverage to your policy. Also, check to make sure you carry comprehensive and liability coverage as this will extend to your rental vehicle. Rental companies will offer insurance protection as well, but you don’t want to pay for unnecessary duplication. Also, find out if your policy has daily coverage limits (varies by province).

Have a question or unsure about your coverage? Call your local agent or 1-800-allstate. We’re here for you!