Legal Auto Insurance


Coverage, perils, discounts, and availability may vary by region. Terms and conditions apply. *Savings apply to major coverages only. Requirements for app downloading, enrollment, and trip recording apply. **Rates will not be increased or surcharged if insured submits no more than one claim every 6 years. ***Not available for motorcycles or recreational vehicles. If no claims occur during a policy term, the deductible(s) on the qualifying vehicle(s) will automatically be reduced by $100 for a 12 month policy term or $50 for a 6 month policy term (to a minimum of $0) on the next policy renewal. Any vehicle to which this feature applies will be identified on the Certificate of Automobile Insurance. Where more than one vehicle is insured under this contract, this feature only applies to the vehicle(s) specifically identified. Claim Forgiveness does not protect your Disappearing Deductible. This contains information about coverage offered by Allstate but does not list all of the conditions and exclusions which apply to the coverage described and it is not legal or insurance advice. The wording of the actual policy and local law will govern. For more information, please contact your local agency or 1-800-allstate. Trademark owned by Allstate Insurance Company used under licence by Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. ©2018 Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.