Pay at Your Bank

What you need to know when using Online or Telephone Banking

1. Account Number
The banking system requires a 13-digit account number. Your Allstate account number contains your policy number and the month and day of your policy effective date. You can find this account number on your billing notice.

Important! Setup a separate account on your bank’s website or telephone banking system for each Allstate policy.  You can use the memo feature available on most online banking sites to identify your separate policies (Car, House, Cottage, etc).

2. How is Allstate identified?
Our legal name is Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, but in the banking system we are known simply as “Allstate”.

3. How long does it take to process my payment?
Each bank is different, but it can take some banks up to five business days to process your payment through their system. Make your payment in plenty of time to meet your Allstate Payment Due Date.

If you have any questions or wish to find out if your policy is eligible for our Easy Payment Plan, contact your local agency or our Customer Contact Centre at 1-800-allstate.