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Allstate knows how much your beloved pet means to you. After all, some of us are pet owners too! It can be a whirlwind of emotions if your cat or dog becomes ill or has an accident. And let’s face it ⁠— it can become costly. That’s why we’re pleased to offer quality pet insurance through our partnership with Pets Plus Us®, a leader in the Pet Health Insurance market in Canada. We want to help ensure your dogs and cats live a long, happy, healthy life. Pets Plus Us offers you a full range of coverage options designed to fit any budget, and its coverage comes with the confidence of knowing what you’ve purchased – and what you’re covered for up front. This gives you some peace of mind to concentrate on helping your pet recover, without worrying about finances.

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*Pet Insurance Coverage Options

Cover your pet from nose to tail with any of the following plans:

  1. Accident and Illness 
    This is the most comprehensive and popular pet insurance plan. You can choose between up to $7,500 coverage per year or $15,000 coverage per year. Your pet receives complete veterinary care and treatment for accidents and illnesses, including consultations, exams, hospitalization, prescription medications, surgery, and specialist referrals performed by a licensed veterinarian.
  2. Accident 
    You get $5,000 in coverage per year for medically necessary services to treat injuries from one or more accidents.
  3. Flex Care 
    Pets Plus Us’ Flex Care Policy is designed to help you feel confident and secure in planning your pet’s routine and seasonal care. As an optional, additional policy added to the Accident & Illness Policy, it provides the flexibility to supplement the coverage offered in your policy including annual exams, vaccines, flea and tick prevention, nail trimming, dental and even pre-existing conditions.

    The Flex Care Policy provides convenience and peace-of-mind, allowing you to spread the cost of your pet’s routine and seasonal healthcare across 12-months, in preset amounts. No more large bills all at once!


Blue Ribbon Benefits - included with Pets Plus Us Insurance

Allstate and Pets Plus Us have put together a bundle of products and services that make being a pet owner easier, and the best part is that they are included in your coverage! Blue Ribbon Benefits have no limit to the number of times they can be used, so they are there as often as you need them.

  • PetHelpFoneTM   — A team of experienced and qualified veterinary technicians are available when your veterinary practice is not, providing pet owners with 24/7 emergency support.
  • Compassionate Care Line ⁠— A dedicated, professional in-house counsellor focuses on bringing comfort and clarity to pet owners dealing with issues around serious illness and injuries, and even provides bereavement support if needed.
  • Pet Poison Helpline® ⁠— 24/7 poison-control service that provides assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet. Pet Poison Helpline is staffed with veterinary and toxicology professionals.
  • Pet Concierge ⁠⁠— puts you in touch with the latest and greatest in terms of pet-related services, products or businesses. Looking for a pet-related service, product or business? We’re on top of all the latest and greatest, so we can help you get connected.
  • SOS⁠ Pet Emergency Medical Coverage ⁠— You’ll receive $1,000 in emergency medical coverage if your pet incurs a life-threatening injury while lost.
  • Paid subscription ⁠— Receive Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine – lifestyle publications for you and your pet. The perfect magazine for every pet lover!

Pets Plus Us also offers:

  • Underwriting at the time of sale so you know what’s covered from the start. Insurers call this “underwriting up front.” We look at your pet’s health records and tell you if anything’s not covered when you purchase, so there are no surprises later.
  • No breed exclusions - we cover every breed, and even health conditions associated with a breed, if they aren’t pre-existing when your coverage starts.
  • Annual deductible.
  • Coverage no matter how old your pet (although it’s a great idea to start early, when there are likely fewer pre-existing health conditions to worry about).
  • Surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, hospital stays, examination fees and taxes are covered up to the annual policy limit selected, and there is only one annual deductible. Also, there is no need to worry about per-condition or per-incident limits.
  • Alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, naturopathy, chiropractic care and other treatments are included in our plan without having to purchase additional coverage.
  • 4Life Guarantee — All Pets Plus Us coverage comes with our 4Life Guarantee. That means that once you’ve enrolled for coverage, your benefits are automatically guaranteed to renew each year for your pet’s entire lifetime.
  • Allstate customers receive 12% discount on Pets Plus Us Accident or Accident & Illness premiums.

Pets Plus Us makes choosing a pet insurance plan easy and makes it affordable. Want to learn more about leading-edge pet insurance?


What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a healthcare policy for your pet. It provides pet owners with financial protection should your pet need veterinary care for unexpected illnesses or injury. By reimbursing you for certain medical expenses, it gives you the ability to make decisions about your pet’s health without having to factor in cost.

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

While paying out-of-pocket may seem like an option for pet care, veterinary medical costs are high. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind should your four-legged friend fall ill unexpectedly.  

What kinds of pets are covered?

Through our partnership with PetsPlusUs, Allstate is able to offer dog insurance for all kinds of breeds as well as pet insurance for cats. So whether you are a dog person or a cat person (or both), your pet is in Good Hands.


The information herein is summarized. All pet insurance plans have limitation and exclusions. Specific products, features, rates, and discounts may vary by province/territory, eligibility, and are subject to change.

This advertisement is an outline only, the actual policy issued Terms and Conditions will prevail. Medical Conditions that are noted, symptomatic or diagnosed prior to enrollment, or during a waiting period are pre-existing to Coverage and not eligible for reimbursement.

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