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Allstate agents understand how hard you’ve worked to make your house a home. That’s why you deserve a home insurance policy as unique as your lifestyle. At Allstate, we tailor each policy to each homeowner’s insurance needs. Our agents will work with you to make sure you get the best protection for you and your property. Contact us today to get a free online home insurance quote.

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Home Insurance Coverage and Policies

What does a home insurance policy cover?

Coverage for Your Dwelling

This covers your home as well as structures that are attached to it, such as a deck or garage.

Detached Private Structures

The typical home insurance policy also covers structures that are separate from your home, but are still on your property, like a detached garage, tool shed or fence.

Liability Coverage

Home insurance policies provide liability coverage to protect you if someone not living with you is injured while on your property.

Personal Property

House insurance provides coverage for your valuable personal belongings in your home. If your household appliances and treasured possessions are stolen, damaged or lost, you’ll be covered.

Types of optional coverages

Additional Coverage

Allstate offers additional coverage that can be purchased. This includes coverage for earthquake damage; personal articles; water protection coverage (not available in all locations); a home business; and/or property in a storage facility.

Claim Forgiveness*

At Allstate, we understand that accidents can happen. That’s why your rates won’t go up if you report a claim.

Disappearing Deductible**

We want to ensure you receive the best coverage and features without the burden of a high premium. That’s why your deductible decreases every consecutive term you go without a claim, until it disappears.

Personal Articles Floater

While a standard home insurance policy covers personal property claims, there are some special cases where consumers may wish to purchase additional coverage where limits on certain categories apply. You may want to consider adding a Personal Articles Floater to your policy for certain valuables, like jewellery or expensive sporting equipment, which may exceed typical personal property coverage limits.

Home Business Endorsement

With more and more people working from home, Allstate are ready to provide additional insurance coverage for your home business needs. Personal liability and property insurance don’t cover home-based businesses, so ensure you get the extra coverage you need by reviewing your home insurance with one of our agents.

Natural Disasters

While insurance policies cover home fires, lightning strikes, windstorms and hail, earthquakes are not typically covered. However you can purchase an endorsement to protect against damage caused by earthquakes. Talk to a local Allstate insurance agent for more information.

Water Damage

As water damage is the leading cause of claims in Canada, you want to make sure your home is covered. That’s why every Allstate property insurance policy has water coverage included. Standard home insurance policies cover water damage caused by burst pipes or appliances. However you may need enhanced water protection for sewer backup or overland flooding issues. Find out more about Water Damage coverage in your province, contact an Allstate agent today.

Home Replacement Cost Guarantee

This endorsement provides added peace of mind if your property loss claim exceeds the amount of coverage on your dwelling or private structures (determined by our Replacement Cost Calculator). If the damage exceeds your policy’s limits, we will cover the costs to repair or rebuild your home. For example, if you have $300,000 coverage on your dwelling, and the cost of rebuilding your home due to a loss is $350,000, Allstate will pay the additional $50,000. That’s why it’s very important to tell us about any renovations you’ve done to ensure your home and contents are properly insured.

Single Limit of Insurance

This endorsement allows you to “borrow” unused coverage from one part of your home insurance policy to pay for losses under another part. For example, if you have $100,000 in coverage for the contents in your home and a fire destroys all of your belongings valued at $125,000, you may be able to claim a portion or all of the $25,000 ($125,000 minus $100,000) from other sections of your home policy, if they have not been fully exhausted as a result of the same claim.

Home Insurance Online

Manage and pay your home insurance anywhere, anytime.

myAllstate App

Be able to view and update all of your policy details in one convenient place. With the myAllstate app, you will be able to pay your bills or make changes to your coverages, limits and deductibles online.

Home and Property Discounts

Buying a house is one of life’s biggest expenses but insuring your home shouldn’t have to be. Allstate understand how hard it is to find the right house insurance provider. Allstate is the insurance company that has your back by providing affordable home insurance.

How to save on home insurance:

Reduce the cost of your house insurance premium with a variety of discounts and saving opportunities with Allstate. If combining Home and Auto insurance, you could benefit from Allstate’s Multi-policy discount. You may qualify for a homeowners insurance discount if you have installed home security systems or fire alarms. For more information, check out our discount page or contact an Allstate agent to see if you are eligible.

Tailor your insurance coverage with Allstate

Allstate offers three Your Choice Home packages that provide different levels of coverage:

VIP Package Elite Package Basic Coverage


  • All risk coverage for dwelling buildings and contents (subject to exclusions specified in the policy).
  • Replacement cost (replaces contents with items of similar value, without depreciation).
  • VIP Packages are not available for seasonal risks.
  • Home Replacement Cost Guarantee included.



  • All risk insurance for dwelling buildings and “named perils” (all risk for Quebec) for your contents (subject to exclusions specified in the policy).
  • Replacement cost (replaces contents with items of similar value, without depreciation).
  • Elite Homeowner policies are not available for seasonal risks.
  • Home Replacement Cost Guarantee included.


  • Disappearing Deductible**


  • “Named perils” coverage for both dwelling buildings and contents (subject to exclusions specified in the policy).
  • Optional replacement cost (replaces contents with items of similar value, without depreciation).
  • Optional Home Replacement Cost Guarantee (excluding Quebec).
  • Basic coverage not available in Quebec for seasonal risk.


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*Terms and conditions and some restrictions may apply. The average multi-product discount savings is calculated using Allstate’s base rates in August 2022. Your savings may vary. Coverage, perils, discounts and availability may vary by province and region. Rates and discounts subject to change.

Terms and conditions apply. Coverage, perils, discounts, and availability may vary by region.
* Rates will not be increased or surcharged if insured submits no more than one claim every six years
** Claim Forgiveness does not protect your Disappearing Deductible.
This contains information about coverage offered by Allstate but does not list all of the conditions and exclusions which apply to the coverage described. The wording of the actual policy and local law will govern. For more information on coverage, perils, discounts and availability, please contact your local agency or 1-800-allstate.