Enercare Smarter Home


Allstate wants to give you more peace of mind when it comes to your home by giving you 10% off your Allstate home insurance premium if you have Enercare Smarter Home*. Enercare Smarter Home provides an easy to use, integrated system that puts the control and monitoring of your home’s equipment in the palm of your hand, so you can look after your home even when you’re not there. Enercare Smarter Home also gives you access to more than 700 licensed and trained technicians that can help you fix any issue that arises.

Get an additional 10% discount off your Allstate home insurance premium if you have Enercare Smarter Home.*

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What you get with Enercare Smarter Home:

• Management of all Smarter Home products using one simple mobile app
• System monitoring of your heating and cooling equipment to identify possible issues before they happen
• 10% off an Allstate home insurance premium*
• Comprehensive suite of leading smart products, professionally installed
• Instant notifications to your mobile device when there is an issue in your home
• Cellular connection for most products using Z-Wave technology**
• Customizable automation settings that will fit your family’s needs
• Robust and secure communication network between smart products and hub
• Video storage***
• Live agent support seven days a week

From automated solutions with the mobile app to responsive technicians who can fix the issue,  Enercare Smarter Home is the most complete solution for your home. 

For details regarding pricing and Enercare Smarter Home options call Enercare at 1-866-890-8379 or visit Enercare.ca/Allstate.

* Terms and conditions apply. Customer must enroll in Enercare Smarter Home and provide a copy of the Enercare Smarter Home order confirmation email.
** Video cameras use homeowner’s WiFi.
*** Available with worry free package only.
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