Limited Sewer Backup Insurance

Don’t Get Caught Unprepared – Get Allstate’s Limited Sewer Backup Insurance

Allstate’s Limited Sewer Backup Endorsement provides coverage you can count on for damage caused by the escape of water from a sewer, drains, sump pit or septic pump.

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Insurance claims due to water damage are on the rise. When water backs up from a municipal sewer system or private septic system, and invades your home, the Allstate Limited Sewer Backup Insurance has you covered.

The Limited Sewer Backup Insurance also covers water damage resulting from a malfunction of your sump pump. It is available to homeowners, condominium and rental and tenant policies in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Alberta.

Want even more coverage?  Allstate offers the Enhanced Water Damage Endorsement.


The Enhanced Water Damage Coverage offers unique additional benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive coverage for service lines – Allstate doesn’t just cover the repair or replacement of water and sewer lines as other companies do. Our comprehensive coverage include expenses (up to $10,000) related to the repair or replacement of damaged service lines – water, sewer, gas, electricity, cable and phone lines.
  • In the event of a sewer backup, the coverage offers up to $1,000 toward the cost of installation of a certified back flow valve and/or sump pump with backup power.

To find out more about Allstate’s Limited Sewer Backup Insurance and Enhanced Water Damage Endorsements, contact your local Allstate agent or call 1-800-ALLSTATE now.


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The Enhanced Water Damage Endorsement and Limited Sewer Backup Endorsement are available to eligible customers in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This page contains information about home insurance coverage options which may have additional premiums. It does not include all conditions and exclusions which apply to Allstate insurance policies and their coverage option(s). If you are an Allstate customer, the terms of your property insurance policy and any of its endorsements govern. Please review your policy and its endorsements in detail and contact your local agent or 1-800-ALLSTATE if you have any questions.