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Drivewise® Basics

What if I’m not sure that the Drivewise program is right for me?

You can download our free TESTDrivewise app from the App Store (iOS version) or Google Play (Android version) to your smartphone and self-monitor your next five trips before committing to the full experience. This will give you details about your driving habits and projected discount range. Customers who download the TestDrivewise app are also eligible for a 5% enrolment discount when they enrol in the Drivewise program.**

What happens after I enrol?

Once you download the Drivewise app, you’ll be prompted to complete the Drivewise Customer Agreement Endorsement. You will need to read and accept the Agreement within 30 days or you will be automatically un-enrolled from the program. After the Agreement is complete, you will receive an email message to confirm your enrolment and the 5% or 10% discount will be applied.

You will not be able to re-enrol in the program until your next renewal period. If you decide to re-enrol at that time, you will be required to go through the registration process again.

Can I cancel my enrolment at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your enrolment in the Drivewise program at any time. Simply call 1-844-679-2650. Deleting the app from your phone will not cancel your enrolment.

What happens when my enrolment is cancelled?

We will send a text to you to confirm you are no longer enrolled in the program and we will update your policy information. This means that any Drivewise discounts will be removed. Revised policy documentation will be provided to you, to confirm any change in premium. You will also receive a letter in the mail advising that the discount has been removed.

Are there any additional Drivewise program requirements?

Yes. There are a few additional program requirements:

• You must read and accept the Drivewise Customer Agreement Endorsement.
• You and your vehicle must maintain liability coverage at all times, while enrolled in the program.
• The app requires customers to have a smartphone, data package, and enable location services on your smartphone.

Can I have Drivewise with my six-month policy?

No. Drivewise is not available for policies with a six-month term.

App and Installation

How does the Drivewise app work?

The app was developed specifically by Allstate and its vendors for the Drivewise program. It contains state-of-the-art technology and has the capability to transmit your driving data to Allstate and/or its authorized vendors via a wireless connection.

Like other user based insurance (UBI) programs, in order to accurately monitor your driving habits the location services needs to be enabled on your phone or the app specifically.

Is the app compatible with all smartphones?

The app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. It is not available for download on Windows or Blackberry.

Who is responsible for the installation of the app?

You are responsible for the installation of the Drivewise app and must keep it until completion of the monitoring. After the six-month monitoring period is complete, you have the option of continuing to monitor and learn from your driving habits or deleting your account.

Can I delete the app from my phone?

Yes. If you have completed the six-month monitoring period and no longer want to receive updates on your driving habits you can delete the app from your smartphone.

If you decide mid-monitoring that you no longer wish to be enrolled in the program contact the Drivewise Team to unenroll you, before deleting the app.  They can be reached at  | 1-844-679-2650. Deleting the app from your phone will not automatically unenroll you from the program.

How do I know the app is working properly?

Allstate’s service provider, Modus Group LLC, has a vigorous quality assurance process. The app was thoroughly tested prior to distribution. They will also verify the app is reporting trips once installed in your vehicle(s). For your own reassurance, you can log in to the app or driver portal to view the reported trips and projected score.

Will the app drain my battery or data?

In terms of data use, it will depend how often and how far you drive each day. For example, if your average distance driven is 30km per day, you would use 3mb of data, which translates into 90mb of data per month. The approximate equivalent of:

• Sending and receiving 100 texts/emails, with attachments.
• Browsing the web for four hours, without downloading pictures or videos.
• Using Waze or Google Maps for one hour.
• Streaming music for approximately one hour and 20 minutes.

The app cannot run without using data. Once the drive has been completed, the location service turns off, which will minimize battery consumption.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, please contact your local Allstate agency or Drivewise Team at 1-844-679-2650 to stop the monitoring process. Once you have a new phone you can re-download the app and carry on where you left off.


FAQs for Phone Calls and Phone Usage (“Phone Handling”) Events

What information is collected as part of the phone handling feature?

The phone handling feature is for informational purposes only and provides participants of the Drivewise program with insights into their distracted driving habits. When the vehicle is in motion, the Drivewise app will record phone handling behaviours, like when a user  locks or unlocks their phone, scrolls, types, and accepts incoming or makes outgoing calls.

How will the information from the phone handling feature be used?

The information will be processed by our third party partners. This will give users a summary of events to help identify distracted driving habits that they may not be fully aware are happening. This information will help users  to improve and become safer drivers. The data will be retained for a period while you remain in this program (for as long as is reasonable for legal and business purposes).

Will data captured via the phone handling feature be used to calculate my Drivewise Discount?

No, phone handling events are not used for the purpose of calculating your Drivewise Discount. They are only used  to provide users with insights into potential distracted driving tendencies. See the Drivewise Customer Agreement for further details on what data elements are used to calculate your score.

What if I am a passenger in a car, what type of information will be collected as part of the phone handling feature?

If you are a passenger, the Drivewise app will still record events while the car is in motion whenever the passenger physically locks or unlocks the phone, scrolls, types, and accepts incoming or makes outgoing calls. If you are not the driver of a trip, you can select “passenger” for that trip in the Trip Audit menu.

If I give my phone to a passenger, will the phone handling events still be collected?

Yes, the phone handling events will still be collected, but are for your information only and do not impact the calculation of the Drivewise Discount.

Will using Bluetooth or hands-free/face unlock features be counted as a Phone handling event?

Yes, hands-free and face unlock actions are captured as phone handling events in the app. We suggest users set up and use their music or navigation apps before they drive.

Will the phone handling feature know who I spoke with or who called me?

No, the phone handling feature only captures the action of answering or making a phone call



Is the data collected continuously updated?

New data is sent from the app each time you are in a moving vehicle. The Drivewise app starts working upon download and updates will come through after every trip.

What happens if I’m the passenger or taking public transportation?

The Drivewise app will be able to detect if you are on a subway or train based on the speed and route of travel. In instances where you are riding as a passenger, in a cab or on a bus, you can go into the app and flag the trip once the ride is complete.


What happens to the data that is collected?

At Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, respecting and protecting your privacy is of utmost importance. Your personal information, including what is collected through the Drivewise program, is completely confidential.  Data collected via this program is not stored indefinitely and will not be used for purposes unrelated to the app, unless permitted by law, required by law, or with your consent. Please review our privacy policy to learn more.

Will the data be used in Allstate claim handling?

No. Data collected by the Drivewise app will not be used to settle an Allstate claim. By law, Allstate may be required to release any app-generated information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, or further to a court order.

Who are the Drivewise service providers?

The service providers for the Drivewise program are Modus Group, LLC and Arity LLC.

Modus Group, LLC was founded in 1999 and specializes in vehicle telematics and driver safety. The company presently manages multiple, nationwide insurance telematics programs.

Arity LLC is a technology company focused on making transportation safer, smarter and more useful for everyone. Arity LLC collects and analyzes massive amounts of data to help partners better predict risk and understand how people move.

Is data shared with the program vendors?

Yes. Modus Group, LLC and Arity LLC will manage data collected from the app on behalf of Allstate. As service providers to Allstate, Arity LLC and Modus Group, LLC are bound to uphold the same standards of data and personal information security as Allstate and are bound to abide by all applicable Canadian privacy laws.

Modus Group, LLC is responsible for the development of the Drivewise app and provides support to the program through data collection and data management, logistics and service support.

Modus Group, LLC then shares the data with Arity LLC for purposes related to the Drivewise program including scoring driving data, as well as analyzing the risk associated with driving behavior to support future enhancements to the program.

Changes to Insurance Policy

What happens if I purchase a new vehicle?

Since the program is based on your driving habits, as opposed to the vehicle, as long as your policy and coverage have been updated, you will continue to qualify for the program. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your local Allstate agency or the Drivewise Team at 1-844-679-2650.

Is there any reason Allstate would extend the Drivewise monitoring period?

The following changes may extend the monitoring period:

• Change in address or territory rating
• Change in or addition of a principal driver
• Change in or addition of an underage occasional driver
• Policy termination
• Policy reinstatement


* Feature is optional. Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Your savings may vary. Savings apply to major coverages only.
**In order to qualify for the Enrollment (10% in AB, NS, NB and QC, 15% in ON) and Drivewise TRIAL discount (worth 5% and only in ON, AB and NS), you must be enrolled in the program and have downloaded the Drivewise app. You will need a minimum of five trips recorded and submitted for validation to qualify for the TRIAL discount.
For users who only download Drivewise TRIAL without enrolling in the Drivewise program, no discount will be applied. However, if you enrol in the Drivewise program without completing the Drivewise TRIAL, you will only receive an enrollment discount.
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