Off-road Vehicle Insurance

Top Protection on All Terrains

Blazing a trail through snow covered fields or venturing out into the backwoods is your thing. When you’re at play, your snowmobile, ATV, quad, or UTV is your pride and joy. That’s why you want your ride well-protected.

An Allstate agent can help you drive away with the off-road insurance that suits your lifestyle.

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What is an Off-Road Vehicle?

An off-road vehicle (ORV) is any motor vehicle that has been designed for driving off as well as on standard roads. There are many types of ORVs, which are made for all terrains. Talk to an Allstate agent today if you want to insure any of these vehicles:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)
  • Side-by-sides (UTVs)
  • Quad
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf Karts
  • and more

What is Off-Road Vehicle Insurance?

ORV insurance is a special coverage for utility recreational vehicles designed for off-roading. It is a policy to protect you should you want to take your off-road vehicle on to public land. Off-Road insurance is different in every province and territory, so contact an Allstate agent today to talk over what coverage you need for your Off-Roader.

Do I need All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance?

If you plan on taking your vehicle off road or riding on forestry roads, you may want to check you have the right insurance. Failure to have the correct insurance for your all-terrain vehicle may lead to fines, as well as the financial and legal implications if your ATV is involved in an accident.

Is my ATV covered by my auto or home insurance?

Utility and recreational vehicles aren’t covered by a standard home insurance policy at all. While ATVs are covered by an auto insurance policy, some ATVs aren’t equipped with the standard auto safety features, such as seat belts, airbags and turning signals. Making them unsafe to drive on the road and in need of a more comprehensive coverage.

If you want to hit the trails, you will need to be protected by an off-road vehicle insurance policy. Call an agent today to discuss the right coverage to protect you and your off-road vehicle.

Do I need Insurance for my Snowmobile?

While different provinces require different levels of coverage for snowmobiles, they do have one common insurance requirement. If you plan on taking your snowmobile across public roads, on the trails or on to public property, you will need liability coverage.

What does Off-road Insurance cover?

Liability Coverage
Covers you if you are in an accident and you are held liable for the injury to or death of other people. It also covers damage to their vehicle or property.

Accident Benefits
Pays for medical bills, rehabilitation, funeral cost, and loss of income due to disability and more (not applicable in Quebec).

Direct Compensation Property Damage
Covers damage to your off-road vehicle and certain property it is carrying, when another motorist who is insured in your province is responsible for the accident (Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia).

Optional off-road insurance coverage

Collision or Upset
Covers cost of repair or replacement of your ATV, snowmobile, quad, or UTV if you have a collision with another vehicle or object such as a tree or guardrail. Covers cost up to the actual value of your vehicle, less deductible.

Comprehensive coverage insures off-road vehicles against damage caused by something other than a collision. This includes windshield damage or damage to your off-road vehicle due to theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, lightning, explosion, or impact with an animal.

Specified Perils
Covers damage to your off-road vehicle caused by a fixed list of perils. This includes fire and lightning, theft or attempted theft, windstorms, earthquake, hail, explosion, riot or civil unrest, falling or forced landing aircraft or aircraft parts.

All Perils
Combines the protection of Collision and Comprehensive coverage.

ATV insurance discounts:

Elite Driver Discount (not applicable in Québec)
Do you have a clean driving record and at least 12 years of driving experience in North America? You could qualify for a discount on your off-road insurance.



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