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Allstate Canada is proud to partner with TruShield Insurance, to provide your Small Business with the coverages needed to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.  TruShield understands small businesses and has coverage options designed specifically for them.

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Here are a few of the coverage options available to help keep your business safe:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Are you worried about customer injuries?

Did you know that if someone slips and falls on your business premises and hurts themselves, you could face a costly lawsuit?  Every business should have a comprehensive liability policy to protect it from potential losses associated with liability lawsuits.  Commercial general liability (CGL) coverage is designed to respond to situations where your business is responsible for causing a 3rd party to suffer bodily injury or property damage.

Commercial Property Insurance

Are you worried about damage to your property, tools or equipment?

Whether you operate your small business out of your home, or you rent, lease or own a commercial space – you will need Commercial Property Insurance.  Commercial Property Insurance can not only provide coverage for the building you own, but also for a long list of things inside including equipment, inventory, furniture, computers and other electronics.  It can also provide protection for things outside of the building including outdoor signs, fencing and growing plants, lawns, trees, shrubs or flowers in the open.

Professional Liability Insurance

Are you worried about expensive lawsuits?

If you are a consultant / provide professional services to your clients for a living, having Professional Liability Insurance can help you cover costs your business might face from unexpected lawsuits.

Even the smallest error can result in a major loss.  If a mistake in your work leads to a financial loss for your client, you could find yourself tangled up in an expensive and time-consuming lawsuit.  Professional liability insurance can help mitigate the costs associated with unexpected lawsuits that may arise as a result of an error or omission in your work.

Cyber risk & data breach

Are you worried about data breaches or cyber hacks?

Cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise.  Do you have proper security measures in place?  Do you know what to do if you suffer a data breach?  If your business stores sensitive information such as credit card details, email addresses or other employee or customer data, then you’re at risk from cyber attacks.  Our cyber risk and data breach coverage can help cover some of the costs associated with data breaches and hacks.


Get a quote & buy online
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