Get Discounts Without Sacrificing Your Coverage

Not only is quality property insurance from Allstate more affordable than you might think, there are also many discounts available to help you save even more. Talk to your local Allstate agent about these discounts, and more:


  • “Take Two”® Advantage
    Combine your property and auto insurance with Allstate and you could save on both policies.
  • New Homes
    Savings based on the age of your home.
  • Security Systems
    Discounts for homes with monitored security systems or fire alarms.
  • Group
    Preferred rates on home and auto insurance if your company or association qualifies for the Good Hands Group Insurance® program.
  • Mature/Retired Customers
    Special discounts based on your age.
  • Occupational
    Discount based on your profession or career (Quebec only).
  • Rogers Smart Home MonitoringTM
    Allstate customers can enjoy 25% off their Allstate home insurance premiums* when they sign up for Rogers Smart Home MonitoringTM. Visit for your free in-home assessment (Alberta and Ontario only).
  • Claim-Free
    You may be eligible for a discount on your property policy if you have been claim free for at least one year.
  • Mortgage-Free
    Special savings for Allstate customers who don’t have a mortgage on their home.
  • Water Protection Device
    Savings if you have a water detection system installed. Visit our partners’ websites and plan a free in-home assessment (Quebec only).

How can I get a property insurance quote?

Click this button to call allstateClick here to get your free property insurance quoteClick here to find your closest agency. This link opens in a new window.