Allstate’s Tenant Insurance is Something You Can’t Afford to be Without

As a tenant, you don’t own your home, but you own everything in it. You’ve invested time and money into furnishing and decorating it to make it your own home sweet home. If the unexpected happens, replacing everything without insurance could set you back thousands of dollars. Could you afford to be without it?

Why do I need tenant insurance?

Think about all of your valuable personal belongings you’ve purchased over the years - from electronics to furniture to jewellery. Would you be able to replace everything you own if the unexpected happened? Many landlords’ insurance policies don’t cover personal items owned by tenants if the property is destroyed or unintentionally damaged. So, it’s important to have peace of mind with your own tenant insurance policy to cover your treasured items.

What does Allstate’s tenant insurance policy cover?


  • Personal Property (contents)
    Tenant insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings if they're stolen, damaged or lost. Need help keeping a home inventory? Try our FREE online tool, myLocker which is exclusive to existing myAllstate customers.
  • Additional Living Expenses
    If an insured peril makes your dwelling unfit for occupancy or you have to move out while repairs are being made, Allstate will cover any increase in living expenses, including moving costs. Payment will be made for a reasonable length of time to repair the dwelling or relocate.
  • Liability
    Allstate’s tenant insurance policy provides liability coverage when someone not living with you is injured while on your property (e.g. a fall or trip). It covers legal and medical bills if you are found at fault.


What are the types of optional tenant insurance coverages?

You can purchase additional coverages that include:

  • Earthquake Damage
    Covers you for any direct loss to your property caused by an earthquake.
  • Personal Articles Coverage
    Insures specific items like jewellery, bicycles, cameras and golf equipment that commonly exceed contents coverage limits.
  • Sewer Back-up
    Coverage offered if there is any loss as a result of escape of water from a sewer, drain, sump or septic tank, up to the limits specified. This coverage is not available in all locations. Please contact your local Allstate insurance agent to find out more.
  • Home Business Coverage
    If your business qualifies for home business coverage, you can purchase a home business endorsement which will cover loss or damage to your business property, business income losses, money and securities, and liability coverage.
  • Property in a Storage Facility
    This protects contents which are stored in a monitored and secured storage facility onyour property. This coverage can be extended for up to 12 months.


Allstate's top 5 tenant insurance tips!

  1. Combine your tenant and auto policies to help lower your premiums.
  2. Choose the right deductible by fully understanding the risks you are willing to take for out-of-pocket costs if the unexpected happens.
  3. Talk to your local agent about things that impact your premium. For example, where you live may have an impact on how much your tenant insurance will cost. If you rent a property near a fire station or if you live in an area with a low crime rate, your insurance rates may be lower.
  4. Don’t forget: there may be items in your storage locker that you want to insure under your tenant policy.
  5. Keep an inventory of your belongings to help you in the event of a claim. If you are an existing myAllstate customer, try our FREE online home inventory tool, myLocker.

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How can I get a property insurance quote?

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