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Personalized Coverage Options Just For You

We all have our passions. It could be a round of golf, hitting the slopes, or fishing. Whether you  golf, fish garden or you are a college student, Allstate provides additional coverage for your best-loved pastimes. You can buy these insurance options together with Allstate’s Your Choice Home®, condo or tenant insurance (one free with the VIP package).

Golf Insurance Package

• additional coverage for loss or damage to golf clubs, accessories and golf carts
• reimbursement of prepaid club membership fees, if ill or injured
• rental fees for temporary replacement of golf equipment and golf carts
• reimbursement of costs for “hole-in-one” celebrations

Hunting and Fishing Coverage

• additional coverage for loss or damage to hunting and fishing equipment
• additional coverage for loss or damage to windsurfers, sailboards and watercrafts including trailers, furnishings, equipment and outboard motors
• reimbursement of prepaid club memberships and licence fees if ill or injured
• rental fees for temporary replacement of hunting and fishing equipment

Personal Identity Theft and Legal Expense Insurance

•  covers expenses associated with identity theft or covered disputes
•  toll-free legal assistance hotline available for legal questions

Ski and Snowboarding Insurance

• additional coverage for loss or damage to winter ski and snowboard equipment
• reimbursement of prepaid club membership fees, if ill or injured
• temporary replacement of equipment due to loss or damage
• reimbursement if runs are closed due to adverse weather conditions or avalanche

Student Insurance Plans

• loss or damage to school property on loan to student
• living and/or moving expenses incurred as a result of loss or damage to residence
• coverage for missed exams and college tuition fees as a result of illness and injury
• coverage for emergency travel home due to injury, illness or death of immediate family member

Yard and Garden Insurance

• theft, loss or damage to trees, shrubs, plants and lawns
• professional design fees and expenses to restore your garden due to loss or damage
• coverage for garden tractors and snow removal equipment due to theft, loss or damage


Terms and conditions apply. Coverage, perils, discounts, and availability may vary by region. This contains information about coverage options offered by Allstate but does not list all of the conditions and exclusions which apply to the coverage options described. The wording of the actual policy and local law will govern. For more information on coverage, perils, discounts and availability, please contact your local agency or 1-800-allstate.