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Corporate Governance Disclosure

The Board of Directors and Senior Management of Allstate Insurance Company of Canada and its affiliates are committed to sound corporate governance policies and practices.   At Allstate we want our customers to understand our governance structure and therefore we have highlighted key information below.

Code of Ethics

Allstate Canada’s Code of Ethics summarizes core values and principles that guide our business conduct. Our Code of Ethics applies to all members of the Board of Directors, employees and officers.  Allstate is committed to operating its business with honesty, integrity, and the highest level of ethical conduct. Upon hire and annually thereafter, all members of the Board of Directors, employees and officers must provide a documented acknowledgement that they have read and understand the Codes of Ethics.

Board of Directors

Currently Allstate Canada’s Board of Directors is comprised of nine directors.  The composition and qualification of the members adheres to the requirements of the Insurance Companies Act (ICA)  The members also participate in one or more the following committees: Audit, Conduct Review, and Investment.
Committee and board membership are reviewed annually and the directors are appointed by the sole shareholder, Allstate Insurance Company at the Annual General Meeting.

Consistent with our Code of Ethics, the Board expects all directors to avoid conflicts of interest and to act in the best interests of the Compan(ies). Annually Directors must complete a detailed questionnaire about their individual circumstances.  The information contained in the questionnaire also enables the Conduct Review Committee to evaluate that there are no material transactions that would adversely affect the Company’s stability or solvency.

The Board of Directors meet a minimum of four times during each fiscal year.  Notice of the meeting which includes the agenda and advance review materials is sent to the directors within a prescribed period prior to the Board of Committee meeting. A record of attendance is maintained of each meeting of directors and each committee of directors.

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