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It’s the only technology on the market that consists of a multi-layered approach, which helps prevent vehicle theft, and tracks and recovers stolen vehicles. Many small Tag devices are placed discreetly in your vehicle and the Tag logo is etched on both the front driver and passenger side windows to help deter thieves.

Wireless nano-transponders easily find at-risk vehicles across North America through unique serial numbers. The price includes installation, monitoring fees, and a recovery warranty.

This one’s on us! There is no charge to eligible Allstate customers while the offer lasts (for eligible customers). Allstate will pay for the installation and there are no monitoring fees. Just remember to take your Allstate offer letter and your auto pink liability slip as proof so Speedy Auto Glass can bill us.

Please visit or call your local Speedy Auto Glass service centre at 1-844-375-4618 and let them know you’re an Allstate customer with a free offer for a Tag installation from Allstate.

Speedy Auto Glass will give you a Tag certificate with your Tracking ID in case of auto theft.

It takes approximately an hour to install the system. So, grab a coffee, relax, or run a few errands, and it will be done in no time!

Tag installation doesn’t impact your auto’s warranty because it doesn’t connect to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Call the police immediately and report your stolen vehicle. Then contact Tag and provide them with the police event number and the Tag ID number. Tag will start the tracking and recovery process immediately.

If your vehicle is stolen, only Tag can track it once you report the theft to them and provide them with the police event number (given to you once you’ve reported the incident to the police).

You’ll receive your 10% discount on your comprehensive coverage upon your next renewal.

Allstate will not reimburse customers for Tag installations that were installed prior to our offer.

No. You don’t have to install Tag. However, Allstate encourages you to take advantage of this limited offer as an extra safety precaution against auto theft. If you choose not to install Tag, the high-risk surcharge will be applied on your auto policy renewal.

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