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Pet Insurance


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Pet Insurance Canada – Pets Plus Us®

Allstate knows how much your beloved pet means to you. That’s why we’re pleased to offer quality pet insurance through our partnership with Pets Plus Us®, a leader in the Pet Insurance market in Canada.


 Benefits of choosing Canada’s pet insurance- Pets Plus Us

  • One annual deductible, no fee per claim.
  • Fast and easy claims process.
  • Blue Ribbon Benefits (included access to PetHelpFone™, Pet Poison Helpline®, a paid subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat
  • 4Life Guarantee: your pet’s policy won’t be cancelled due to age or claims.
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Dog Insurance

Pets Plus Us has plans for all kinds of dogs, from puppies to seniors. Like humans, as dogs get older, they become more prone to accidents and illnesses which can require expensive treatments. Dog insurance from Pets Plus Us can give you comfort knowing if your dog gets sick or injured, you can focus more on getting them the best veterinary care, and less on costly vet bills.

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Cat Insurance

Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, a variety of factors may affect the risk of illness or accidents (for example, their diet, breed, age, behaviour, etc.). With Pets Plus Us Insurance, you will be better prepared for the unexpected costs of taking care of your cat.

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Pet insurance can help you manage the costs of your pet’s healthcare. It provides financial protection should your pet need veterinary care for unexpected illnesses or injury. By reimbursing you for eligible medical expenses, it can give you the ability to decide about your pet’s health with less worry about the cost of veterinary care.

While paying out-of-pocket may seem like an option, veterinary medical costs are high. Pet insurance can provide you with peace of mind should your four-legged family member fall ill or become injured unexpectedly. With Pets Plus Us Insurance, all policies are underwritten upfront. That means that you know exactly what your pet is covered for, and what exclusions apply. We want you to be happy with your coverage. There should be no surprises when you make a claim.

Pets Plus Us Insurance offers coverage options designed to fit any budget. With Pets Plus Us’ Accident policy, pet owners get $5,000 in coverage per year for services to treat injuries from accidents. This covers emergency pet care for injuries resulting from an eligible accident, including consultations, exams, hospitalization, surgery, prescription medications, alternative therapies and specialist referrals performed by a licensed veterinarian. Accident and Illness is Pets Plus Us’ most comprehensive and popular pet insurance plan. You can choose between coverage limits of $7,500 or $15,000 per year. Your pet receives all the benefits of an Accident policy, plus coverage for veterinary care and treatments for eligible illnesses such as allergies and diabetes. Accident and Illness plans include coverage for hereditary and behavioural conditions too! To spread the cost of routine and seasonal pet healthcare, additional coverage can be added to an Accident & Illness Policy for a little extra each month. A Flex Care plan supplements the coverage offered in your Accident & Illness policy. Flex Care coverage can be used towards your pet’s regular vaccinations, medications, and other routine treatments not included with our Accident & Illness coverage. You get to choose the annual spending limit that best aligns with your pet’s preventative care needs, and we will split your selected amount into a more manageable monthly cost that is collected along with your monthly Accident & Illness policy premium. All Pets Plus Us Insurance plans come with Blue Ribbon benefits and the 4Life Guarantee.

Pets Plus Us offer a bundle of pet insurance products and services to make being a pet owner easier. A team of experienced and qualified veterinary professionals are available to provide 24/7 emergency support with PetHelpFone™ and the Pet Poison Helpline®. The Compassionate Care Line provides dedicated in-house counsellors to pet owners dealing with issues around serious illness and injuries, and even provides bereavement support if needed. With SOS⁠ Pet Emergency Medical Coverage, pets are covered for $1,000 in eligible emergency medical expenses if a pet incurs a life-threatening injury while lost. All this as well as a paid subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat Magazine. Blue Ribbon Benefits are included in your coverage and have no limit to the number of times they can be used.

All Pets Plus Us coverage comes with our 4Life Guarantee. That means once you’ve enrolled for coverage, your benefits are automatically guaranteed to renew each year for your pet’s entire lifetime. As long as your pet has Pets Plus Us coverage, your policy will never be cancelled due to age or number of claims.

To make a claim, contact Pets Plus Us® at 1-800-364-8422 or visit with your login details ready.

Pet insurance FAQs

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