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Who We Are 

Since 1977, The Allstate Foundation of Canada has enabled Allstate Canada and its employees to make meaningful social impact in communities across Canada.

Our Mission 

To foster an environment of inclusion, involvement and empowerment for those who experience barriers to financial independence.

Improving Communities is at the Core of What We Do

Together, Allstate Canada and The Allstate Foundation of Canada work hand in hand to operate programs that engage all employees in purpose-driven work and partner with Canadian non-profit charities to support innovative short and long-term solutions for issues identified by our communities, charity partners and grantees.

woman in a blue shirt holding a box with clothes

Area of Focus:

Disrupting the Cycle of Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is most often a form of gender-based violence that can encompass a broad range of behaviours. This can include emotional, psychological, financial, physical or sexual abuse – often committed by a current or former intimate partner. Other terminology often used in a similar context are intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and relationship abuse.

While not exclusive to people who identify as women, more than four out of 10 women in Canada have experienced some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime. Prevalence of domestic abuse further increases for those who identify as women and have a disability, are Indigenous, and part of the LGBTQ2S+ community. 

Financial abuse, sometimes referred to as economic abuse, is a seldom-talked-about yet prevalent issue faced by survivors of domestic violence in Canada. It is experienced by more than 95% of domestic abuse victims (Canadian Centre for Women’s Empowerment).

Area of Focus:

Championing Inclusive and Accessible Housing 

Housing insecurity has become a big issue in Canada. In addition to affordability, access to safe and inclusive living conditions poses a big challenge for marginalized and vulnerable populations, including people living with disabilities and their families.

By supporting those looking for access to housing that suits their specific needs, it can lay the foundation for a better life, improve financial stability, physical and mental health, social interactions and contributes to safer and more resilient communities.

Area of Focus:

Empower Allstaters to Create Local Community Impact

group of volunteers packing boxes

We support Allstate Canada employees transform communities by providing opportunities to give back to causes that are important to them.

The Allstate Foundation of Canada funds programs and initiatives that increase the impact of employee volunteerism and charitable giving.

  • The Good Hands Grant We match employees’ volunteer time with funds to donate to their favourite Canadian charities.
  • Month of GoodnessOur biggest employee giving campaign. For four weeks, we match donations made to Canadian charities, provide additional funds to employees to donate, and help organize volunteer opportunities. 
  • Days of ServiceA program that supports employees coming together to make an impact in their communities through volunteer days that address common social issues.
  • Social Impact AwardAn annual award to recognize employees who are creating social impact through community outreach, volunteerism and giving.
  • New Employee Donation Credit Funds provided to every new employee to donate to one or more Canadian charities of their choice.

Get in Touch

The Allstate Foundation of Canada supports non-profit charities who are actively working to address and overcome the issues of domestic abuse and inclusive and accessible housing, as well as providing opportunities for Allstate Canada employees to create positive social change in their communities, mostly through volunteerism.

If your charitable organization aligns with our areas of focus, please send partnership inquires to

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