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Warning Notice: Phone Scam Using Allstate Phone Numbers

Please be aware that it has come to our attention that some of Allstate's publicly available phone numbers have been used in recent phone scams.

In certain cases, phone numbers for some of our offices have been used in "Caller ID Spoofing". In these situations an incorrect phone number is presented to an individual's call display. In this case, an Allstate number is being displayed when the incoming call is actually from a scam selling services such as duct cleaning. We have no connection to these companies or their products and services. They are misrepresenting themselves by spoofing the phone numbers of reputable companies such as Allstate.

Any publicly available number can fall victim to such fraud and Allstate takes these types of scams very seriously. We have reported the fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities and recommend that any individual who receives these calls should be advised to report it to Canada Anti-Fraud Center

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